Massage Services

I have been trained in a variety of different massage modalities and have been in practice for over 22 years. I have blended a number of those modalties together to create a massage routine that my clients love. I am able to adjust to different types of pressure preferences (light versus deep). I no longer offer my Shiatsu-Anma massage although some of those techniques are in my routine. I am also able to do pregnancy massage in side posture. I do not have a pregnancy massage pillow.

-- MOBILE MASSAGES* (in the comfort of your home). Parking needs to be available to provide these services.

60 minute:   $135
75 minute:   $165
90 minute:   $195

 * Additional Charges: Certain hotels and comlexes will have additional charges depending on certain factors like parking, drive time, time of day and access. Places like the Mammoth Mountain Inn, Mammoth Chalets for cabins along the road, Tamarack for cabins along the road, the Village and the Westin, and possibly other complexes located near base lodges or John Muir Road.  


30 minute:   $65
60 minute:   $110
75 minute:   $135
90 minute:   $160


Aromatherapy Oils:  Choose from a variety of scented oils by doTerra to enhance any massage. $15/session